Our modern repair services and products

Our company delivers customized solutions for failing crawl spaces and basements. We use modern methods, equipment, and technology. This allows us to repair crawl spaces of all sizes and types. Our range of services and products are shown below.

Before starting any work, our experts do a thorough investigation of your property to determine what is causing problems and what is needed to fix them while meeting your budget.

Structural repairs: We fix cracks and restore sagging floors to improve support.

Interior moisture management: We remove and direct pooled water away using sump pumps, pipes, sloping and rocks.

Exterior moisture management: We install french drains, surface drains, and downspout extensions to help keep water out.

Crawl space encapsulation: We install liners, moisture resistant barriers, drainage, humidifiers and air exchange solutions that enhances air quality and resolves moisture and humidity problems.